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Welcome to Mrs. Greenland's Class Page!

 February 18th-22nd, 2019


MEMORY VERSE: Poem   Memorize the Old Books of the Bible (Students need to know by Thursday, February 28th)

Genesis    Exodus     Leviticus     Numbers   Deuteronomy   Joshua   Judges

Ruth       I Samuel   II Samuel   I Kings     II Kings   I Chronicles

II Chronicles   Ezra   Nehemiah   Ester    Job      Psalm    Proverbs

Song of Songs  Isaiah  Jeremiah   Lamentations  Ezekiel   Daniel  Hosea  Joel

Amos  Obadiah  Jonah  Micah  Nahum  Habakkuk Zechariah  Malachi   


 Spelling List

 Bonus Words

No Spelling This Week

This week's reminders!

Show and Share is on Friday, February 22nd.  Please make sure whatever students chose to bring in fits in their backpack.

February 18th: No School President's Day

March 4th:  Mission Monday

March 9th:  Legacy Banquet

March 11th-15th:  MEW Week


Spelling: No homework this week.

Math:  We are adding a small review math sheet every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Please make sure your child completes and returns the following day.

Reading: In each folder there is a bookshelf full of books.  Each time your child finishes a book have them write the title on the spine of the book. Once they have completed a whole row of 12 books they can bring in  their paper for dojo points or a prize.  Once their sheet is filled I will give them a blank one.

Bible Verse: Memorize the Old Testament Books by Thursday, February 28th.

*Please remember to check your child's assignment notebook (student planner) for additional homework assignments.

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